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KidzTalk-GoFish 25% OFF

matching cards with gfx & human voice
KidzTalk-GoFish 25% OFF for Palm OS
Submited: 05.12.2003
Version: 1.0

Available in: Games / Puzzle Games for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $7.95

About KidzTalk-GoFish 25% OFF

GoFish is a memory game yet challenging and rewarding. The goal is to match 2 cards that are the same from the deck of 20 cards. Each time you match a pair a portion of the picture is revealed. The goal is to remove all the cards in as few moves and quickest time as possible.

KidzTalk-GoFish is the perfect game to teach your kids and keep them entertained for hours.

GoFish is compatible with Secure Digital, Compact Flash, Multimedia Card and Sony Memory Stick. GoFish is compatible with Palm Tungsten T, C and Palm Z71.

Requirement and CompatibilityPalmOS 5.0 such as Palm Tungsten T, Tungsten C or Palm Z71On the SonyClie PalmOS 5.2.1 is required for the sound390K of free memory.1.5 Meg of free memory for each game set. Game set can reside on the card.

FeaturesCards from 1 to 10 are spoken in english real human voiceSupports external cardHuman voice filesSound FX on Palm TungstenChangable card styleKeeps track of moves and timeSpecial FX

KidzTalk-GoFish 25% OFF - supported devices

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