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TapOMania 50% off

Try to remove all the blocks. OS5 comp.
TapOMania 50% off for Palm OS
Submited: 05.23.2000
Version: 2.2.0

Available in: Games / Puzzle Games for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $5.00

About TapOMania 50% off

Now supports PalmOS 5.0 320x320 hi-resolution and sound.

TapOMania is an outstanding game of strategy and logic. Your goal is to remove all the blocks from the screen. You can only remove blocks that are two or more of the same pattern, along a horizontal or vertical path. When blocks are removed, any blocks above will fall down. There are speical features in TapOMania. These features include bombs, lasers and non-selectable blocks: bombs remove all blocks within a one block radius; lasers remove all blocks along a single line; and non-selectable blocks can only be removed by bombs or lasers. Game settings let you toggle sound effects and animation, choose between three difficulty levels, and remove any or all of the special features from game play. TapOMania is a great game that will keep you entertained for hours.

TapOMania 50% off - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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