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Check your personal and corporate voice mail on the go.
mVoiceMail for Palm OS
Submited: 09.19.2004
Version: 5.5.1

Available in: Productivity / Email & Chat for Palm OS
Developer: MotionApps
Price: $19.99

About mVoiceMail

Check your personal and corporate voice mail on the go.mVoiceMail enables you to play the voice mail messages that you receive attached to the regular e-mails on your smartphone.mVoiceMail is optimized for companies and organizations that have set up the forwarding of voice mail messages to their employees e-mail accounts.mVoiceMail is essentially a player for WAV and GSM files attached to e-mail messages. Many mobile service providers allow you to configure voice mail service on your land line at office or home to be forwarded to your regular e-mail account as WAV/GSM files. When this setup is in place and someone leaves a voice mail you will receave an e-mail with voice mail attached as an encoded audio file - and you can use mVoiceMail to play it.mVoiceMail is implemented as an OS extension enabling you to play sound files in WAV and GSM format from any PalmOS application that can properly handle file attachments.mVoiceMail Features:Support for WAV and GSM encoded filesSupported codecs include CCITT uLaw (G.711u), CCITT ALaw (G.711A), PCM, IMA ADPCM and GSM 6.10Seamlessly integrated with most e-mail clients, including VersaMail, Treo Mail, GoodLink Email and SnapperMailEasy to use UIOptimized for Treo 755p/700p/680/650 and Centro

mVoiceMail - supported devices

  • Palm OS
  • Treo 700p
  • Centro (INACTIVE)
  • Treo 755p
  • Palm Treo 650
  • Palm Treo 680

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