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SendIt 20% OFF

Beam and Send any files in ram & card. Perfect for email...
SendIt 20% OFF for Palm OS
Submited: 07.04.2004
Version: 1.0.0

Available in: Productivity / Email & Chat for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $8.00

About SendIt 20% OFF

SendIt is a system utility for beaming and sending files using system installed transfer methods. You can Beam files using IR to external devices such as Palm???? or PocketPC???? handhelds. For Sending you can send files to Local applications such as Treo????Mail, MMS, SMS, SnapperMail???? or any Exchange Manager compatible application. You can also send files using Bluetooth.

SendIt can be configured to replace the system Launcher Beam and Send functions that is found in the App menu. SendIt can beam and send any file no matter it is beam protected or not.For Treo???? 600 users SendIt works with the Palm???? Mail application. With SendIt you can send any files in ram and on the card to the Treo???? Mail application.

FeaturesSupports Treo600Compatible with Palm???? OS 3.5 and higherReplace Launcher Beam and Send functionsBeam and Send any files in ram and on the external cardShow ROM filesCompatible with Treo and Palm Mail, MMS, SMS, SnapperMail????Key board short cuts on the Treo600Intuitive user interface

SendIt 20% OFF - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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