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Combiner for Windows

Save up to 50% memory and more
Combiner for Windows for Palm OS
Submited: 04.01.2001
Version: 3.2

Available in: Tools and Utilities / File Managers for Palm OS
Developer: envi.con KG
Price: $29.90

About Combiner for Windows

Combiner is an easy and powerful package manager for PalmOS files.
Simply put files together and save it as one zipped prc archive - ready to goWith Combiner for Windows, you can create packages of software on the desktop.
If you prefer to make your packages on the device try Combiner for PalmOS Distributing software Saving memory space Keeping related files togetherSaving transfer time over the Internet Minimizing transfer time from PC to PDA Beaming faster from PDA to PDA through InfraredCombiner Features:
- Optimizes speed and size
- self extracting
- Keeps or deletes archives after extracting
- Autostart: execute application immediately after extracting
- Package category gives you a convenient way to locate your archives on the PDA Compare famous Palm Software:
unzipped - packed with Combiner
examples:softwareorig. sizepacked sizeratioSilver Screen182 KB102 KB56%Datebk4496 KB244 KB49%BigClock178 KB81 KB45%

Combiner for Windows - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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