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Secure your device and protect your data remotely
mSafe for Palm OS
Submited: 07.06.2003
Version: 4.1.2

Available in: Tools and Utilities / Security for Palm OS
Developer: MotionApps
Price: $19.99

About mSafe

Your smartphone is your personal assistant. At a very minimum it keeps your address book, personal and business information, and your phone call log. If an unauthorized person comes into possession of your smartphone, or you simply forget to take it with you, this trusted data may be exposed causing much trouble for you, your friends and your business associates.

Can you afford not to secure data on your phone?

With mSafe you can protect your data remotely, when your device is missing, stolen or you simply don't have access to it. mSafe implements reliable kill-pill feature by enabling you to lock the device or completely erase the content of the device and SD card by sending a single SMS message.

Use mSafe and never compromise your data!

Lock your device with a special SMS message
Lock or wipe your device using your private web portal, mSafe portal
Erase all your information and data on smartphone or SD card with a special SMS message
Lock your smartphone when the SD card is removed
Lock your smartphone when the phone is turned off, when the device is reset or SIM card removed
Receive confirmation SMS message after the smartphone is locked to the number lock request is sent from * and/or to another, user configurable, number.

* Please note that option "Reply to sender" will not be available on all networks due to specific network limitations which mSafe cannot bypass through software adaptations. Alternatively, for SMS notifications you can define a mobile phone number via mSafe "Reply to" option.

mSafe - supported devices

  • Palm OS
  • Treo 700p
  • Centro (INACTIVE)
  • Treo 755p
  • Palm Treo 650
  • Palm Treo 680

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