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The only file encryption app for the PalmOS. Media encryption for external cards.
mEncryptor for Palm OS
Submited: 03.03.2003
Version: 1.4.0

Available in: Tools and Utilities / Security for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $14.95

About mEncryptor

International Users: mEncryptor uses strong encryption and may not be exportedto your country.

mEncryptor Data protection. The only way to secure your data.
mEncryptor is robust and advanced PalmOS® file media encryption application. mEncryptor implements the industry standard AES 256 bits encryption algorithm and SHA1 hashing technologies. mEncryptor supports the following external medias: SD/MMC®, Compact Flash® and Sony Memory® stick. mEncryptor does not do transparent encryption. mEncryptor can encrypt individual files or the entire directory including subdirectories on the card. mEncryptor has the traditional text passphrase entry and the new keypad passphrase entry. mEncryptor ???? is compatible with PalmOS® 4.0 and higher including PalmOS® 5.0 Palm® Tungsten T and Sony® NX.
FeaturesSupports PalmOS® 4.0 and higherSupports PalmOS® 5.0 high resolutionSupports Sony® PalmOS® 5.0 320 x 480 high resolutionUses the ARM optimized version of the AES library for superior performance.Secure Folder featureEncrypt individual file or entire directoryPassphrase application launch protection.Passphrase is maskedEncrypt only header fileFile wipe after encryptionText or keypad passphrase entryDelete files.Multiple sort order.Multiple views eg: All, application only and Database only.Smart icon help.Superior user interfaceColorful icons

mEncryptor - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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