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Experience your PDA like never before!
SyncWizard for Palm OS
Submited: 10.15.2001
Version: 1.9.9

Available in: Tools and Utilities / Synchronization for Palm OS
Developer: envi.con KG
Price: $22.90

About SyncWizard

Experience your Handheld like never before!Desktop file manager for Palm Organizer and compatible
A unique way to connect a PalmOS PDA with a WindowsDesktop - like it is a folder or a drive.Picture viewer supports Sony HiRes mode now!SyncWizard shows Palm file icons on Desktop and Explorer
All the nice little icons of the Palm are shown on the desktop, like Windows(tm) programs and documents. They now look the same like on the screen of the handheld.Easily view images
Drag and Drop pictures (jpg, bmp, png) directly to your PDA and vice versa! Double-click on PDA pictures and view it with your favourite desktop picture software
Live-Browse your PDA
The handheld is permanent connected to SyncWizard. The content of the organizer is displayed in a window and can be edited.Complete card reader for expansion cards
With SyncWizard all Palm devices of the new generation (m50x Serie, m125) with expansion slot will be able to act like acard reader and adds upto $50 Dollar value to your device! The user saves extra money by using his Palm as a "drive" for MMC/SD expansion cards. He can copy any desktopfile, for example office documents, to and from the card.
SyncWizard is a completely different connection concept
SyncWizard provides a completely different concept of connecting a PalmOS PDA to a Windows PC: All Palm programs and databases are transparent forthe user within a desktop window. With a simple drag and drop, files can be copied from the desktop to the device and viceversa. Certain Palm files on the device can be edited directly with the appropriate desktop application by a double-click.SyncWizard is able to open a Palm doc file directly with the desktop application and saves the document back to the device.Backup and Restore
SyncWizard offers the possibility to backup the palm. So the user is able to restore his lost data for example afterbattery failure or a hard reset. Even the user is able to restore only single files, or copy the ROM of the device to thedesktop.Conversion interface
SyncWizard provides an interface, which gives software developers the possibility to convert the data of their Palmapplications during a user's double click. These converted files can be edited with the suitable desktop application.

SyncWizard - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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