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Bonsai 4

Palm OS outliner w/ PC Desktop Sync.
Bonsai 4 for Palm OS
Submited: 10.30.2000
Version: 4.2.4

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Palm OS
Developer: Natara Software
Price: $37.95

About Bonsai 4

Natara Bonsai is a full featured Palm OS outliner with FULL one step synchronization to acompanion Windows desktop application! Use it to outline ideas, as a hierarchal to do list, a simple project manager, or ALL in the same outline.Stay connected with the Natara Bonsai outliner, a Palm OS outlinerthat was "Born to Sync".Key features:True synchronization with a conduit for Windows HotSync Manager.A complete Windows application for creating and editing outlines.Modeless in-place editing of outline text speeds data entry.Mix 3 forms of outlines anywhere; outline, to do, and tasks.Numerous display options for numbering, fonts, colors, check boxes, and number of lines per item.Rearrange the outline by dragging, or cut and paste.Use icons for Category and Keyword display.Sort by any attribute.View your outlines using powerful Filters that you define and save for later use.Zoom in on an outline branch for concentrated work.Define and use color schemes to call attention to areas of interest in your outline.Link with the built-in To Do, Calendar and other Bonsai outlines.Use Keywords and Contacts to further organize your outline.Color, Hi-Res, Virtual Graffiti, Landscape, DPAD, and Jog wheel support.Categories at both the outline and item level.Supports both a local and a global find command.Beam outlines to others.Export to DayNotez, the memo application, or Palm Doc format.Custom Template based export from desktop for power users!PalmPrint and TealPrint support.
Bonsai supports icons for Categories and Keywords.

Bonsai comes with a powerful Windows application.

Bonsai has support for landscape devices (including Virtual Graffiti).

Bonsai 4 - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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