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FireProducer Video Server and Viewer

Send live video from PC webcam to wireless Palm
FireProducer Video Server and Viewer for Palm OS
Submited: 08.03.2003
Version: 3.0f3

Available in: Wireless Apps / Entertainment for Palm OS
Developer: Firepad, Inc.
Price: $59.95

About FireProducer Video Server and Viewer

Ever wished you could monitor your baby from your wireless Palm? You can!

Firepad Viewer Suite and FireProducer Server are available for a limited time at a discount to the sold-separately retail price.

Firepad Picture Viewer is the most powerful media player available for the Palm platform.

FireProducer lets you send live video from your PC to any wireless Palm-compatible handheld running FireViewer.

This product requires an internet-capable Palm (such as Tungsten C, Treo 600, or similar). Viewer runs on any Palm-compatible hardware. Video server runs on any Windows computer with Windows 98 or higher.


FireProducer Video Server and Viewer - supported devices

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