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PortaPodder is an Audio/Video Podcatcher for Palm.
PortaPodder for Palm OS
Submited: 07.08.2006
Version: 2.3

Available in: Wireless Apps / Entertainment for Palm OS
Price: $9.95

About PortaPodder

PortaPodder is a Podcatcher for Palm devices with wireless connections. Simply enter yourfeed address and download all your favorite Podcasts directly to your device. Cut out themiddleman (your PC). Now with video podcasting support!Support is available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PortaPodder/Features:Robust downloading including configurable retries per update, and try every updateYou choose how many media files per feed to downloadPassword protected podcasts supported (Basic Authentication Scheme only)Player with convenient delete function, which will prevent re-downloading. (Works with pTunesor TCPMP)Selectively manipulate each media file in feed, as in whether to download or notDetailed TXT log file to tell you what happened when you weren't lookingScheduler to synch when your device will be idleVersatile generic system that will accommodate any podcast that uses files with extentions MP3,WMA, AVI, MPG, WMV, M4V, MKV, MKA, MP4, M4A, 3GP, MOV, and lists them between<link>,</link> url=",";href=","Use the trial before you buy. There are no refunds. Future versions, while not guaranteed,are likely.Versions:2.3 (8/29/2007)Fixed "Delete" Feed menu option, moved "Reverse Order Feed" to wrong feeds2.2 (8/26/2007)Changed backup bit to backup app on HotSynchAdded ability to handle Unlimited server redirects for media downloadsRetry now attempts to disconnect/reconnect to the networkAll activities should now cease when attempting to leave application without pressing StopChanged "Console" button in Player to "Deleted" (Display "Deleted" folder)Added "R" as Redownload (delete without creating blank)Eliminated some possible Subscript Out of Bounds errorsTrap and abandon MP3 and blank deletion on first failure, no longer stops execuctionAdded "Reverse Feed Order" to allow for backwards feedsRemoved some default feedsFixed Exiting on card removal while in Player2.1 (10/14/2006)Added space bar to toggle backlight in PlayerAdded Options menu to PlayerMoved "Force TCPMP" to Player options menuAdded "Backlight off on open" to Player options menuAdded "Resume on open" to Player options menuAdded "Beep on open" to Player options menuAdded "Confirm delete" to Player options menuAdded "Q" to quit in PlayerAdded "T" to swap to movies folder on SD cardAdded "Pause on exit" to Player options menuAdded "Use Hard Keys" to Player options menuAdded "Use Alpha Keys" to Player options menuAdded selectable minutes to Scheduler2.0 (9/8/2006)Attempts to immediately quit program on card removalAdded "z" and "." to Player as delete and play next or play next respectivelyAdded extentions to search for: WMA, AVI, MPG, WMV, M4V, MKV, MKA, MP4, M4A, 3GP, MOVMP3 and WMA are sent to pTunes by Player, the rest to TCPMPAdded "Force TCPMP" to send all to TCPMPPlayer now functions without pTunesLib, just uses "Force TCPMP" with no option to disableAdded View Log to menu (local copy is deleted during every startup)Turns off backlight during auto updateRemoved some default feeds1.6 (7/30/2006)Fixed delete in Player which was broken by 1.6b1Added Delete downloads > QTYAdded Delete blanks > QTYRemoves invalid characters from file names instead of trusting original file namesIgnores duplicate MP3s in feed file based on file name only instead of whole URL

PortaPodder - supported devices

  • Palm OS
  • Sony CLIE S320
  • Symbol SPT 1834
  • IBM Workpad c505
  • Sony CLIE S360
  • Symbol SPT 1846
  • Palm m500
  • Symbol SPT 1800
  • Sony CLIE N610C
  • Symbol SPT 1833

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