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Capture screen & save as JPG/BMP to external card. Works with Treo camera also.
QuickTake for Palm OS
Submited: 01.04.2004
Version: 3.0

Available in: Entertainment / Photo & Image Viewers for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $9.95

About QuickTake

Quick Take is PalmOS® system utility to capture the current screen. Quick Take saves the current screen resolution as a JPG and BMP file to the external card. Quick Take can be activated using one of the main hard keys and power off button.

Quick Takeis the only screen capture utility that saves to JPG format. With Quick Take you can quickly send captured screens to anyone. Typical 320x320 16bit JPG color screen is around 20K.

QuickTake" FeaturesSave any screen at any resolution at anytime and at anywhereSave screen to JPG/BMP format on the external cardPictures are small when is saved. Typically around 30K for 320x320 16bit JPG colorSupport multiple external cards eg: Sony®Clie with CF and Zodiac®Take picture at any resolutionAssign any of the four hard keys to take pictureSound notification when picture is savedTime delay captureTake picture with the Treo camera and send it

QuickTake - supported devices

  • Palm OS
  • Palm OS (INACTIVE)

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