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myAlbum 30% OFF

Fast and most afforable JPG viewer for the PalmOS 5
myAlbum 30% OFF for Palm OS
Submited: 11.01.2003
Version: 2.6

Available in: Entertainment / Photo & Image Viewers for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $10.95

About myAlbum 30% OFF

The most affordable JPG viewer and its fast!

myAlbum is a fast ARM native JPG photo viewer for the PalmOS 5 and higher. myAlbum displays native JPG pictures from the external card such as SD/MMC, Compact Flash and Memory Stick. There is no conversion or desktop application required. myAlbum includes fast thumbnail viewing, beam and send pictures to other devices or other applications such as SnapperMail and MarkSpace eMail, rename pictures, add custom note, slide show feature and multiple zooms.

myAlbum is capable of receiving JPG pictures beamed to the Palm and will display the picture automatically after the beam. myAlbum can be set to be the default JPG viewer on your Palm.

myAlbum supports multiple screen solutions such as 320x320, 480x320 (Landscape) and 320x480 (Portrait). myAlbum also supports multiple cards such found on the Sony Clie and Tapwave Zodiac.

Requirement and CompatibilityPalm OS 5.0 and higher 150K of free main memory. External card such as SD/MMC, Compact Flash or Memory Stick.

Sony Clie PalmOS 5 and higher series Palm Tungsten T/T2/T3/E, Palm Zire 71 Handspring Treo 600 Garmin Tapwave

FeaturesFast JPG loading and viewing Automatically display the JPG when beamed or sent to myAlbum Support multiple external cards eg: SonyClie with CF and Zodiac Thumbnail or list views Landscape 480x320, Portrait 320x480 and standard 320x320 modes Multiple zooms 360 degrees drag Add notes to pictures Automatically search for new JPGs on startup Rename pictures Beam and Send pictures Slide show PalmOS Exchange Manager support. Use myAlbum as viewer for SnapperMail, LightNzip and others Search pictures on the entire card for specified folder Show or hide duplicate pictures

myAlbum 30% OFF - supported devices

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