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Replace application alarms, system Alert, hotsync, treo600/650/700p/755/Centro phone on/off sounds with wav/mp3/ogg/wma/aac sound files.
KoolSounds for Palm OS
Submited: 07.25.2005
Version: 1.5

Available in: Entertainment / Ringtones for Palm OS
Developer: Toysoft Development Inc.
Price: $12.45

About KoolSounds

No other application like it!! Say goodbye to beep,beep and hello mp3 sounds!!Have you ever wanted to replace a specific application's alarm sound, system MIDI Alert sounds, Hotsync or Treo 600/650/700p Radio on and off sounds with wave/mp3/ogg/wma/aac sound file? Ever wanted to wake up and hear your favorite song in the morning?

Now you can with KoolSounds. KoolSounds allows you to associate any uncompressed wave or mp3/ogg/wma/aac (requires PocketTunes or AeroPlayer) file to any application. When the application's alarm is triggered, KoolSounds will play the sound file from the external card and then let the application sound the alarm. KoolSounds works with most applications with alarms.

Now you can have more fun with your Palm and you will never be bored hearing the same old system sound again.

1.0 FeaturesAssign different wave/mp3/ogg/wma/aac file to any application with alarmsReplace system Alerts sounds eg: Information, Confirmation, Error, WarningPlay sound when Hotsync starts and finishesReplace Treo600/650 Radio on and off sounds. Way Cool!Works with all applications with alarmsSound file can be any size.Requires PocketTunes(tm) 2.1 and higher or AeroPlayer 5.1 and higher

KoolSounds - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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