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Concise Oxford Thesaurus

Concise Oxford Thesaurus from Oxford University Press with 365,000 synonyms and antonyms, built-in language learning tools and morphology module
Concise Oxford Thesaurus for Palm OS
Submited: 08.26.2007
Version: 6.08

Available in: Education & Reference / Dictionaries for Palm OS
Developer: Paragon Technologie GmbH
Price: $19.95

About Concise Oxford Thesaurus

Concise Oxford Thesaurus Overview: The Concise Oxford Thesaurus by the world's most trusted publisher, Oxford University Press, is a treasury of the language, with all its richness and variety. This Second Edition shows how words are really used and presents the best-matching sets of synonyms which was achieved due to the recent research that analysed the 170-million-word body of English. Alongside with the full examples of synonymous words the Thesaurus offers a considerable number of opposites, enlarged entries of related words and over 400 highly educational reference boxes that list words and names, ranging from actors and asteroids to waterfalls and winds. The Thesaurus contains 14,992 entries with over 365,000 alternative and opposite words. It is indispensable for scientists writing dissertations, students composing essays, office workers preparing presentations, and just anyone who wants to make his/ her writing more effective and impressive. It is also great for finding the word on the tip of your tongue, solving crosswords, or playing word games. The dictionary works under the powerful SlovoEd application engine from Paragon Software GmbH with two learning tools, and built-in morphology module which includes about 2 000 000 words' origins and synonyms. Two industry leaders have combined their efforts to provide a brilliant, ultimate solution for your translation and reference needs. Concise Oxford Thesaurus Features:Work more effectively and conveniently with the rich-functional SlovoEd dictionary engines. It works with unique low memory consumption technology that greatly increases access rate. You will find needed information 100 times faster than using a simple paper dictionary! User-friendly dictionary interface with different color schemes is presented in English and Russian.Lexical database provided by Oxford University Press with 15,000 entries, 365,000+ alternative and opposite words, thorough coverage of modern English vocabulary. The built-in Morphology Module includes about 2 000 000 word origins and synonyms.The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is an excellent solution for professional linguists, translators advanced users as well as everyone who wants to master his/ her wordpower. English word database is provided by

Concise Oxford Thesaurus - supported devices

  • Palm OS
  • PiTech Qool QDA-700
  • Sony CLIE NX80V
  • Hunetec H500
  • Sony CLIE NX60
  • Sony CLIE NZ90
  • Palm m550
  • Sony CLIE NX70V
  • Sony CLIE TG50
  • Tungsten T
  • Sony CLIE NX73V

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