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Flash! is a personal trainer for your mi
Flash! for Palm OS
Submited: 02.21.1998
Version: 3.0.1

Available in: Education & Reference / Student Aids for Palm OS
Developer: Homunculus Software
Price: $12.95

About Flash!

Flash! is a personal trainer for your mind, based on the concept of flash cards. Its "learning" mode conforms to the latest learning research by quizzing you on a personal schedule that adapts to thedifficulty you have learning each individual fact; in "quiz" mode you can evaluate your progress. Supports full on-pilot editing capabilities and import of JTutor databases. Quiz yourself on the honor system or using multiple choice. 50% of income from Flash! goes to charity.

Includes complete on-line help, both on pilot and on PC in html format.

Flash! - supported devices

  • Palm OS

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