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Take quick notes in all applications without leaving them QuickRemind is available for Palm OS.


FlashNote is a handy enhancement for the built-in MemoPad application, plus more advanced features!Popup in background!Take notes Quickly & Easily!Save your time! FlashNote is available for Palm OS.

SplashNotes for Palm OS

Outliner for Organizing Your Projects, Tasks, Meetings and Ideas SplashNotes for Palm OS is available for Palm OS.


PostNote is intended for posting notes directly on your launcher. PostNote is available for Palm OS.


daVoiceMemo is a Voice Recorder/Player designed to run on top of other programs. daVoiceMemo is available for Palm OS.


tNotes is an easy to use, feature packed note taking program. Make notes in your own handwriting. Use tNotes to quickly jot down information. Enter text alongside notes in the split note/text section. tNotes is available for Palm OS.

Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting is a quick and easy reference to every meeting or event you've ever attended. It keep track of all your important meetings, notes, agendas, to-do etc... Minutes of Meeting is available for Palm OS.


A note-taking application featuring nested folders, multiple-keyword search capability and encryption. ScrapBook is available for Palm OS.

NotesPlus! Pack

Create topics on your smartphone/PDA and then load them up with images, sketches, references and notes. Powerful search features and a robust desktop make entering and recalling your data a breeze. NotesPlus! Pack is available for Palm OS.

Dynamic NotePad

Enter handwritten notes into your PDA. Dynamic NotePad is available for Palm OS.