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SecureCard is robust, fast and advanced PalmOS transparent media encrypting for external cards SecureCard is available for Palm OS.


SecureApp is a robust security application to protect unauthorized user and limit user from running programs and Panels on the Palm handheld. SecureApp is available for Palm OS.

JSJ Antivirus

JSJ Antivirus offers superior protection for palm powered handhelds from today's viruses as well as free wireless updates to guarantee protection from future viruses. JSJ Antivirus is available for Palm OS.

Adarian ID

Always forget your password? Adarian ID lets you keep your sensitive information like passwords, PINs, ID numbers, credit card numbers, ', in your palm. Windows version included. Adarian ID is available for Palm OS.


SecureX is robust and advanced PalmOS security application. SecureX implements the industry standard AES 256 bits encryption algorithm and SHA1 hashing technologies. SecureX is available for Palm OS.

InfoLock Password Manager

Info-LOCK is a password manager with PIN protection and database encryption. Simple, intuitive and highly secure. Set type, icon, category, define fields' label and lots of other features. InfoLock Password Manager is available for Palm OS.


Deny access to specifiy programs for special security NoAccess is available for Palm OS.

LockIT Secure Data Storage

LockIT is your simple and secure solution to record sensitive information on your PDA and PC. Use it to record usernames, passwords, PIN numbers and much more. LockIT Secure Data Storage is available for Palm OS.

Warden Security for Treo

Warden provides total protection for your Treo 650/600 by securing it for voice and data, locally as well as remotely. It gives you the peace of mind knowing all your data is safe. Warden Security for Treo is available for Palm OS.

Private Memos Patch

Having your private memos masked is not very convenient, right? Private Memos Patch is available for Palm OS.