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SmartRss WM2003/WM5/WM6 Pocket PC

Rss reader and Podcast manager with Today Screen support for PPC: read rss news and listen to your favorite podcasts at the same time, don't need a desktop PC if your PPC has a net connection.
SmartRss WM2003/WM5/WM6 Pocket PC for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 07.23.2006
Version: v3.2.2892

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: WM PPC 2003 or later .NET CF 2.0
Developer: BeetzStream
Price: $14.99

About SmartRss WM2003/WM5/WM6 Pocket PC

Note, if you cannot run .NET Compact framework 2.0 on your device, you should keep using v.2.1.2173, which is also available on this site. BeetzStream SmartRss is a Rss news reader and podcast manager. With BeetzStream SmartRss3.1, built against .net Compact framework 2.0, you are not only can read your favorite RSS news on your Pocket PC, you can also directly download and listen to podcasts on your Pocket PC without a desktop computer, if your PPC has a net connection. Feature list: Easy to use navigation, One-hand support to read all the news without using stylus.RSS 2.0, 0.9x and RDF feeds are supported.RSS podcasts support.Subscriptions can be categorized.Schedule new articles to be downloaded at certain time.Schedule SmartRss to run if it's not running.Podcasts within the RSS feeds can be set to be automatically/manually downloaded.Multiple podcasts can be downloaded at the same time.Unfinished downloads can be resumed at next SmartRss startup.Windows CE notification when podcast downloads are completed.Config podcasts to be played with your favorite player..Opml files can be imported from the web or local device.Subscriptions can be exported to .Opml file.Import your Bloglines feeds online.Images caching. Now images can be pre-fetched for full offline reading experience. (New in build 2092)Changing font size, great for viewing under VGA resolution. (New in build 2092) Number of retries before failing a podcast downloading job can be set. (New in build 2112)Today Screen plug-in which shows the number of new articles and new article titles. (New in build 2112)Video podcasts support. (New in build 2137)Atom feeds support. (New in build 2137)If you are running build 2.1.2112 or later, make sure you un-check the Today Screen menu under settings before doing any un-install. If you are running a device with OS earlier than WM 5.0, you need .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 Redistributable

SmartRss WM2003/WM5/WM6 Pocket PC - supported devices

  • Acer n10
  • Acer n35
  • Asus MyPal A620
  • Asus MyPal A716
  • AT&T 8525
  • Audiovox Thera
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-200
  • Dell Axim X30 624MHz
  • Dell Axim X50v
  • E-plus Pocket PDA
  • E-Ten X500
  • I-mate JAMin
  • Mitac Mio 168
  • O2 XDA Atom
  • O2 XDA Orbit
  • Treo 750
  • Qtek 2020i
  • Qtek 8080
  • Qtek 9000
  • Qtek S200
  • Samsung SCH-i730
  • T-Mobile MDA
  • T-Mobile SDA
  • Toshiba e400
  • Toshiba e740
  • ViewSonic V35
  • Yakumo PDA Omikron
  • Acer n20
  • Acer n50
  • Asus MyPal A620BT
  • Asus MyPal A730
  • Audiovox Maestro
  • Bluemedia PDA 255
  • Casio EM-500
  • Dell Axim X3i
  • Dell Axim X51v
  • E-Ten G550
  • Garmin iQue M5
  • I-mate JAQ
  • Mitac Mio 339
  • O2 XDA II
  • Other
  • Treo 750v
  • Qtek 7070
  • Qtek 8100
  • Qtek 9100
  • Qtek S300
  • Sprint 830W
  • T-Mobile MDA Compact
  • T-Mobile SDA II
  • Toshiba e405
  • Toshiba e750
  • ViewSonic V36
  • Zayo A600
  • Acer n30
  • Alaska Cove Mexmal
  • Asus MyPal A632
  • Asus MyPal A730W
  • Audiovox Pocket PC 4100
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-115
  • Dell Axim X3
  • Dell Axim X5
  • E-plus PDA 3
  • E-Ten M600
  • Windows Mobile PocketPC
  • MDA Compact III
  • Mitac Mio 558
  • O2 XDA IIi
  • Treo 700w
  • Qtek 1010
  • Qtek 8010
  • Qtek 8310
  • Qtek S100
  • Quest Pocket PC 6700Q
  • Symbol MC50
  • T-Mobile MDA Pro
  • T-Mobile SDA Music
  • Toshiba e550G
  • Toshiba e800
  • Yakumo PDA Alpha
  • Acer n310
  • Asus MyPal A600
  • Asus MyPal A636
  • AT&T 8125
  • Audiovox Pocket PC 6600
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-125
  • Dell Axim X30 312Mhz
  • Dell Axim X50
  • E-plus PDA IV
  • E-Ten P700
  • Hitachi G1000
  • Medion PDA
  • NEC MobilePro P300
  • O2 XDA mini S
  • Treo 700wx
  • Qtek 2020
  • Qtek 8020
  • Qtek 8500
  • Qtek S110
  • Samsung SCH-i700
  • Symbol MC70
  • T-Mobile MDA Vario
  • Toshiba e310
  • Toshiba e570
  • Toshiba e830
  • Yakumo PDA Delta

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Rss reader and Podcast manager with Today Screen support for PPC: read rss news and listen to your favorite podcasts at the same time, don't need a desktop PC if your PPC has a net connection. BeetzStream SmartRss, Pocket PC/WM 5.0 is available for Windows Mobile PocketPC.