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324 FTPs are the software to file it to the FTP server in UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD
324ftp for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 03.24.2006
Version: 1.32

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: *CPU : XScale, StrongARM *OSamp;#12288;: WindowsMobile 5.0 SEamp;#12289;PoketPC2003amp;#12289; WindowsCE.net
Price: $14.00

About 324ftp

*****HP : http://www.cts.l-city.jp/~sawsmt/324ftpEN.htm *************** *It is GUI (correspondence function and tool button making) that valued easiness to use. *The Remote window and the Local window can be switched by the tab control, and even as for a small screen size, operativeness is preeminent. *Throughput near the limit is demonstrated for what communication of Rate. *The file can be downloaded, and other application be operated without the stress while even up-loading it. *An English display and a Japanese display can be switched. *The main function Up-loading, download, and deletion(Two or more files and each folders. ) The name change and it makes it the folder, and it is an arbitrary FTP command transmission function, a function of the same period of time with the server, and a permission change function. File retrieval function and setting of code page of server function.

324ftp - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile PocketPC
  • WM Device 2003
  • WM Device 2003 SE
  • WM Device 5