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Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor PPC SV

A GPRS traffic measurement utility for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. (supports Today plug-in, screen rotation & 480x640 VGA resolution!)
Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor PPC SV for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 10.31.2007
Version: 1.11w

Available in: Wireless Apps / GPRS for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
Developer: Efficasoft
Price: $9.95

About Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor PPC SV

Before installing this Special Version, please first try the STANDARD VERSION v1.2 FOR POCKET PC!Some recent Windows Mobile 5/6 Pocket PC establish GPRS connection in a different way that standard version of Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC cannot monitor. This special version v1.11w is especially built to target the issue.Known supported models HTC P3300, HTC P3350, Orange SPV M650, T-Mobile MDA Compact III, O2 Xda Orbit, Dopod P800W, Dopod P800, Dopod M700Qtek 9100, I-mate K-JAM, T-Mobile MDA Vario, T-Mobile MDA, O2 XDA Mini S, Orange SPV M3000, Cingular 8125, Dopod 838, Vodafone VPA compact II (Modell WIZA200 ROM GER 11/10/06 Windows Mobile 5.0)HTC P4350 / Dopod C800 / Dopod C858 / Vodafone VPA compact IVThis special version shares the same registration with standard versions. If you purchased Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC before, you don't need to purchase again. How to Use Make sure your phone can access the Internet via GPRS. Go to 'Start->Settings->Connections->GPRS', you will see things like O2 Internet, Orange GPRS, Orange WAP or Cingular MMS etc.The Internet, GPRS and WAP ones are normally the connections you want to monitor.Open the connections you want to monitor (Menu/Edit or simply press the Action key), make a note of their Access Point (e.g.Orangeinternet).Launch Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor for Pocket PC v1.11w, go to Options.In Monitor Connections, you will see items like RndisFn, RNDISFN1, WWAN1 and WWAN-xxxxx-1 etc. The WWAN-xxxxx-1 ones are what we want to look at, where xxxxx should be the name of those Access Point (e.g. WWAN-Orangeinternet-1) and corresponds to the connections in Step 2. Simply select/check the ones you want to monitor and press Done.RNDISFN1 is the ActiveSync connection established between your PC and the phone. It can also be monitored if you want.

Smartphone GPRS Traffic Monitor PPC SV - supported devices

  • Acer n10
  • Acer n35
  • Asus MyPal A620
  • Asus MyPal A716
  • AT&T 8525
  • Audiovox Thera
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-200
  • Dell Axim X30 624MHz
  • Dell Axim X50v
  • E-plus Pocket PDA
  • E-Ten X500
  • I-mate JAMin
  • Mitac Mio 168
  • O2 XDA Atom
  • O2 XDA Orbit
  • Treo 750
  • Qtek 2020i
  • Qtek 8080
  • Qtek 9000
  • Qtek S200
  • Samsung SCH-i730
  • T-Mobile MDA
  • T-Mobile SDA
  • Toshiba e400
  • Toshiba e740
  • ViewSonic V35
  • Yakumo PDA Omikron
  • Acer n20
  • Acer n50
  • Asus MyPal A620BT
  • Asus MyPal A730
  • Audiovox Maestro
  • Bluemedia PDA 255
  • Casio EM-500
  • Dell Axim X3i
  • Dell Axim X51v
  • E-Ten G550
  • Garmin iQue M5
  • I-mate JAQ
  • Mitac Mio 339
  • O2 XDA II
  • Other
  • Treo 750v
  • Qtek 7070
  • Qtek 8100
  • Qtek 9100
  • Qtek S300
  • Sprint 830W
  • T-Mobile MDA Compact
  • T-Mobile SDA II
  • Toshiba e405
  • Toshiba e750
  • ViewSonic V36
  • Zayo A600
  • Acer n30
  • Alaska Cove Mexmal
  • Asus MyPal A632
  • Asus MyPal A730W
  • Audiovox Pocket PC 4100
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-115
  • Dell Axim X3
  • Dell Axim X5
  • E-plus PDA 3
  • E-Ten M600
  • Windows Mobile PocketPC
  • MDA Compact III
  • Mitac Mio 558
  • O2 XDA IIi
  • Treo 700w
  • Qtek 1010
  • Qtek 8010
  • Qtek 8310
  • Qtek S100
  • Quest Pocket PC 6700Q
  • Symbol MC50
  • T-Mobile MDA Pro
  • T-Mobile SDA Music
  • Toshiba e550G
  • Toshiba e800
  • Yakumo PDA Alpha
  • Acer n310
  • Asus MyPal A600
  • Asus MyPal A636
  • AT&T 8125
  • Audiovox Pocket PC 6600
  • Casio Cassiopeia E-125
  • Dell Axim X30 312Mhz
  • Dell Axim X50
  • E-plus PDA IV
  • E-Ten P700
  • Hitachi G1000
  • Medion PDA
  • NEC MobilePro P300
  • O2 XDA mini S
  • Treo 700wx
  • Qtek 2020
  • Qtek 8020
  • Qtek 8500
  • Qtek S110
  • Samsung SCH-i700
  • Symbol MC70
  • T-Mobile MDA Vario
  • Toshiba e310
  • Toshiba e570
  • Toshiba e830
  • Yakumo PDA Delta

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