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Plasma Duel

Plasma Duel combines the great brick busting gameplay of Arkanoid with the competitive play of Pong
Plasma Duel for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 06.14.2007
Version: 1.1

Available in: Games / Action & Arcade Games for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: Requires Windows Mobile 2002, 2003, 2003 2nd Ed., or 5.0.
Price: $9.50

About Plasma Duel

Defend your plasma wall and destroy your opponent's. Both walls contain gold bricks that will release special powers that can either help or hinder good ones grow your bat or give you lasers, bad ones shrink your bat and multiball causes problems for everybody!You can play against a friend or select to fight against one of eight computer AIs. The ability of the AIs range from very easy to beat, to very hard. For players who like a challenge there is a special 'Mayhem' difficulty level against the hardest opponent.Quick game mode allows you to play a single game at Easy, Normal, Difficult or Mayhem level.Match mode is great for playing against a friend on a single Pocket PC as each player gets one game using the stylus and one using buttons. Single player match mode takes you on a campaign to beat each AI in turn. You can only unlock the most formidable opponents by proving yourself against less skilled AIs.Tournament mode allows a mixture of eight humans or AIs to fight for supremacy. The tournament is a knockout competition with three rounds.So what are you waiting for? Try out the generous demo and experience the fun.

Plasma Duel - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile PocketPC
  • WM Device 5
  • PPC 2002
  • WM Device 2003
  • WM Device 2003 SE