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Escape From Zeos - PPC

Captured in space by patrol bots, who will be the first to escape from Zeos?
Escape From Zeos - PPC for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 10.30.2007
Version: 1.0

Available in: Games / Adventure & Role Play Games for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: Any Windows Pocket PC
Developer: RJI Studios
Price: $9.95

About Escape From Zeos - PPC

Cruising near the planet Zeos, you were captured by patroling robots. A Zeon, knowing the fate of prisoners, has convinced you escape is your only hope. The first player to tunnel under the laser fence, sneak by the patrol bot, and hijack the supply ship, escapes from Zeos!The full version of Escape From Zeos will upgrade you to: * Activation of your blue Zeon player* 2 Player Computer Play: the Zeon plays automatically* 2 Player Human Play: a friend can play the Zeon's turn* More fun with Escape from Zeos! Select Add to Cart to get your full version of Escape from Zeos right here on SmartphoneReviews.us. Notes: 1. This game uses Flash Player for all Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices. If you don't already have this player, it is easy to download and install from here: Get Flash Player

Escape From Zeos - PPC - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile PocketPC

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