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Legacy(Arm) Expansion Pack

Official Expansion pack for Legacy, with new monsters, items, huge world to explore, ... another 50+ hours gameplay
Legacy(Arm) Expansion Pack for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 03.25.2004
Version: 1.0

Available in: Games / Adventure & Role Play Games for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: registered Legacy 1.05
Developer: Redshift
Price: $9.99

About Legacy(Arm) Expansion Pack

Official Expansion Pack for Legacy
The story continues in this Official Expansion Pack, with several new features:

Huge areato explore, just like base Legacy worldBased on your opinions: less annoying secrets, butmore side-questsNew item materials: adamantium and firelizard...they give you even higher protection. Believe me, you'll need them. New monster typeswith special abilities! Lifestealers, Demons, Behemoths.Level 4inn, shops for youConnected to Grendel's Global Teleport. That means youneed a registrated Legacy to enter the Expansion Pack.Registration
You can't enter your registration code immediately after installing thisexpansion pack. The game will ask your code at specific points, duringgameplay.

Starting without finished base story?
You don't have to finish the base Legacy world to play with the Expansion Pack!Although it's highly recommended.
Without it, simply make you sure to have a party with level 15 characters, ormore. Monsters in the Expansion Pack will require it :)

The Expansion Pack requires Legacy version 1.05. It's a free upgrade for you,if you have purchased 1.04 earlier.

Legacy(Arm) Expansion Pack - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile PocketPC

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