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Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion)

Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion Module)
Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion) for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Submited: 01.31.2004
Version: 1

Available in: Games / Adventure & Role Play Games for Windows Mobile PocketPC
Requirements: Sorcery PDA Mod1 (Kernel)
Developer: TigerTools.net, Inc.
Price: $3.95

About Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion)

Sorcery is a new turn-based role playing adventure game based on Wizards ofthe Coast, Inc. d20 system and D&D rule sets. With a powerful interactivestoryline, you make the decisions that control the adventure--unfolding themystery--while solving the puzzles of the Orb of Power. - Play expansion modules to continue questing
- 256c/8 bit/12 bit and 16 bit color interactive gaming
- Loads of colorful animations
  NOTE: You are purchasing Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion Module). Be sureyou already have the kernel (Sorcery PDA Mod1) that is required to playexpansion modules. You can purchase the kernel module and expansion modulesseparately. Additionally, Windows Mobile version 2003 users will require a patchto run this game. The patch is currently under development and not availableyet.  Requirements: Requires Sorcery PDA Mod1 (kernel).

Sorcery PDA Mod1Part2 (Expansion) - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile PocketPC

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