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eWallet (Professional Edition)

Secure, convenient storage for your most important personal info: credit cards, passwords, PINS and much more. Now with card-level synchronization and nested categories.
eWallet (Professional Edition) for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Submited: 07.18.2006
Version: 5.0

Available in: Productivity / eWallets for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Requirements: Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003SE or greater.
Developer: Ilium Software
Price: $29.95

About eWallet (Professional Edition)

eWallet (Professional Edition) features eWallet for both your Smartphone and Windows desktop with complete synchronization for one low price! Secure, convenient storage for your most important personal info: credit cards, passwords, PINS and much more. eWallet is Windows Mobile 5.0 ready, and comes with card-level synchronization and nested categories.Easy-to-master user interfaceCustomizable iconsOver 30 specialized card templatesCustomizable card templatesAutoPass instant password entryItem level synchronizationNested categoriesPassword hint256-bit RC4 encryption to ensure securityLive URL fieldsAttach or link custom graphicsBuilt-in password generatorImport utility for easy data entryLive phone numbers for phone enabled devicesHighest quality live technical support  CustomizableeWallet is a highly versatile electronic wallet. You can customize and organize information exactly the way you want it.Choose between icon view and list viewOrganize your information with nested categoriesCreate multiple walletsCustomize the card templatesAdd your own iconsUse custom background graphics Easy to UseeWallet is simple to use. Enter, access, and edit your important information quickly and easily.Familiar card face style displayCopy individual field data without editingActivate web links with a single tapUse details and notes panes to add extra informationNew card wizard makes data entry easySync your wallets quickly with our easy-to-use Sync Setup interfaceShare data with other eWallet users SecureeWallet keeps your important information safe. Using the industry standard encryption algorithms eWallet provides you with peace of mind.256-bit RC4 encryption - stronger than some online banking services!Built-in password generator to instantly create unique and secure passwordsLock out intruders if too many failed password attempts are madeAutomatically close and lock if left idleAlways-on password protection for your important dataNo back doors or secret entrancesUse any combination of symbols and characters for your passwordOptional password hint feature available eWallet (Professional Edition) gives you eWallet on both your Smartphone and your Windows desktop????--????with complete synchronization????--????for one low price. It's simply the best portable password manager and wallet program. But don't take our word for it -- try it free for 30 days now.

eWallet (Professional Edition) - supported devices

  • AT&T 2125
  • Dopod 557w
  • HTC S310
  • I-mate Smartphone2
  • I-mate SP5m
  • Motorola MPx200
  • O2 XDA Cosmo
  • O2 Xphone II
  • Orange SPV C550
  • PanTech PN-820
  • Qtek 8060
  • Qtek 8310
  • Samsung i600
  • T-Mobile Dash
  • AT&T 3125
  • Dopod 586w
  • HTC S620
  • I-mate SP3
  • I-mate SPL
  • Motorola mpx220
  • O2 XDA IQ
  • Orange MPx200
  • Orange SPV C600
  • Qtek 7070
  • Qtek 8080
  • Qtek 8500
  • Samsung SGH-1300
  • T-Mobile SDA
  • Audiovox smt5600
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone
  • I-mate Smartflip
  • I-mate SP3i
  • Mitac Mio 8380
  • Motorola Q
  • O2 Xda Phone
  • Orange SPV
  • Orange SPV E100
  • Qtek 8010
  • Qtek 8100
  • Sagem myS-7
  • SMART Amazing Phone
  • T-Mobile SDA Music
  • Dopod 515
  • HTC MTeoR
  • I-mate Smartphone
  • I-mate SP5
  • Motorola i930
  • Motorola q9
  • O2 Xphone
  • Orange SPV C500
  • Orange SPV E200
  • Qtek 8020
  • Qtek 8300
  • Samsung Blackjack
  • Symbol MC9097-G

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