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Kai's Babyphone

This program serves for room monitoring
Kai's  Babyphone for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Submited: 11.16.2007
Version: 1.3

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Requirements: WM 5 / Smartphone 2005
Developer: Pocketkai
Price: $9.98

About Kai's Babyphone

This program serves for room monitoring. Send a SMS with specific content to your Smartphone and the device calls you back. With this you can observe your Baby or other rooms. Safety is given by password and the exact content of the SMS. Enter a password Activate Service Press Start Help text, additional notes Program does not have to run permanent, but is active Send SMS with content 'password#cal' > callback Range: unlimited+worldwide, because it uses the Mobile Phone Net After receiving the SMS with certain content the device calls you back and you can monitor the room, like you know it from some fixed phones or baby monitors. Note: Costs occur by sending a SMS and at callback. Enquire yourself for charges on SMS and phone calls at your provider. System requirements:System: Windows Mobile for Smartphone WM 5, WM 6 Screen: 176x220 Pixel and 240x320 (QVGA), no touchscreen Processors: Samsung, Intel???? PXA XScale, StrongARM, OMAP NOT for MDA, XDA, VDA Co (That are Pocket PCs Phone Edition) NOT for Smartphone 2002, 2003, 2003 SE, only WM 5.0 Smartphone

Kai's Babyphone - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile Smartphone

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