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PTvncSWM5.x will allow you to control your PC from your Smartphone over GPRS/Bluetooth/WiFi wireless networks across the Internet.
PTvncSWM5 for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Submited: 02.16.2006
Version: V1.0

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Requirements: 600KB of storage space
Developer: Parys Technografx Ltd
Price: $21.99

About PTvncSWM5

Remote PC Mac Linux viewer PTvncSWM5.x for Smartphone Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE/5.x compatible............ ........full use of QVGA when available Remote PC Mac Linux viewer PTvncSWM5.x for Smartphones with 240x320 or 176x220 resolutions From the developers of Tower Of Souls/PTvnc2/PTvncS/PTvncGPRS/Pocket Bar Billiards/PTvncHiRes/.. comes a unique utility for your Smartphone (screen resolutions 240x320 or 176x220).PTvncSWM5 will allow you to control your PC from your Smartphone Bluetooth/WiFi/GPRS networks locally or across the Internet. Features include:- Full control of your PC, MAC or Linux From the comfort of you Smartphone access your office/home PC, MAC or Linux computer, PTvncSWM5.x gives you full control over your remote machine as if you were there.. For example browse any website on your Smartphone. File transfer to/from the server.Missing an important file or wish to send some data back? Well you can with the built in file transfer options. Compatible with versions of RealVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC.You can connect PTvncSWM5.x to versions of the leading VNC software on your server (or use the server software provided). Choice of local or remote connection in software. Connect over any available wireless network system (Bluetooth/USB require ActiveSync). Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.x devicesWindows mobile 5.x ready. QVGA screen compatibleCompatible with 240x320 QVGA screens in addition to 176x220, making full use of the higher resolution.Incorporating advanced game technology For the fastest possible update rates on the Smartphone. Magnify Enlarges an area of screen under the cursor. Normal or Zoom viewing modes. Choice of 12 encoding types. Takes full advantage of your VNC server's capabilities. Selectable speed, quality or high quality transfer sizes.Select between speed, quality or high quality with compatible VNC servers. Smart screen handlingPC screens from 640x480 to 1280x1024 can be viewed with ease, larger screens with compatible VNC servers. Makes full use of VNC technology to update changes only and you have the option to receive updates to the entire PC screen or just to the visible area. Screen ScrollingScroll the view of your PC screen simply by moving the cursor or fast scroll/fast move by moving a cursor on a small full-screen view of your PC. Supplied VNC server PC compatible with all windows 9x and NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems Smartphone compatible with 2003/2003SE/WM5 or above operating systems (displays 176x220 or 240x320). .

PTvncSWM5 - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile Smartphone

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