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Spb GPRS Monitor Smartphone

A unique utility for measuring your GPRS connection and calculating its traffic and costs
Spb GPRS Monitor Smartphone for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Submited: 11.30.2004
Version: 1.1

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Requirements: Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002/2003
Developer: Spb Software House
Price: $14.95

About Spb GPRS Monitor Smartphone

Spb GPRS Monitor is a complete solution for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection and calculating network usage costs. Spb GPRS Monitor watches all data transfers you perform and calculates the cost of your GPRS usage taking into account your service plan details such as inclusive data amount, data block size, etc.Spb GPRS Monitor features:Home screen plug-in that shows GPRS speed and other statisticsWarning notifications on daily/monthly traffic limitsDetailed connection usage and cost chartsDetailed text reports of your connection usage and costExport to CSV for use with Microsoft???? Excel and Access300+ pre-defined service plans Home Screen plug-inThe Home Screen plug-in shows your connection statistics. It can be configured to display various information: Traffic amountTraffic costData transfer speedDay, Week, Month or Session view  Traffic ChartsSpb GPRS Monitor lets you see detailed traffic charts for a certain period of time: Data received/sentHourly, daily and monthly viewsTraffic amount and cost viewsInclusive amount usage  ReportsSpb GPRS Monitor also provides you with a report generation tool. With the help of this tool you can generate a detailed text report of your network connection usage for a given period of time. Detailed information about traffic historyExport to Microsoft Excel???? or Access????  

Spb GPRS Monitor Smartphone - supported devices

  • Audiovox smt5600
  • I-mate Smartphone2
  • Motorola i930
  • Orange SPV
  • Orange SPV E200
  • Qtek 8060
  • Samsung i600
  • Dopod 515
  • I-mate SP3
  • Motorola MPx200
  • Orange SPV C500
  • Qtek 7070
  • Qtek 8080
  • Samsung SGH-1300
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone
  • I-mate SP3i
  • O2 Xphone
  • Orange SPV C550
  • Qtek 8010
  • Qtek 8100
  • T-Mobile SDA
  • I-mate Smartphone
  • Mitac Mio 8380
  • O2 Xphone II
  • Orange SPV E100
  • Qtek 8020
  • Sagem myS-7
  • T-Mobile SDA Music

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