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Talk by SMS in the chat style.
Submited: 07.20.2004
Version: 3.0.

Available in: Wireless Apps / Communications for Windows Mobile Smartphone
Requirements: smartphone2002 or windows mobile
Developer: JGUI
Price: $9.99


For both Pocket PC Phone Edition and Microsoft Smartphone.
Version 3.0. Talk with friend(s) in the chat style
just by SMS exchanging.Instant SMS sending and receiving.Pop-up the program's window and play the sound, when new message (answer) arrived.Quick and easy pre-defined text and emoticons.Note: All messages are not saved into Inbox or Sent folders.Works with both
XDA Phone Edition and Smartphone.
And exchange message between these devices and all other phones
with no problems. Using:You should close any other programs use SMS sevice in your mobile device. (A special message will display when you start this program and any other service is recognized.)If you use this program, all SMS messages, sent and received, are not saved into your Outlook Inbox and Sent folders. Until you close this program.When you first time run this program, you have to write the phone number to which you want to send your message. Menu: Set Number. Then the menu: Set Number is replaced with the number you written. Now you are ready to talk!write your message
use pre-defined text or emoticonspress the menu: Sendwhen your message sent, the text adds to the list abovewait for answerwhen new message arrived, the text adds to the list above, right below you own previously sent messageThat's all! Easy! additional features:when new message arrived, and you just use another application, this program pops-up to the top of the screenwhen new message arrived, the special sound plays (this is alert.wav file saved in this program's folder, you can change this file to any other you wish)right after your name or friend name, the time of message could be displayedlarger fonts are availablein Smartphone Version you use menu: Preview or Writing to change between writing your message or scrolling all messages if there is more than screen's size Trial Version allows you to send only 3 messages. No other limits.You can buy split versions for both XDA or Smartphone,
or you can buy licence for both platforms in one time with a discounted price.More descriptions on Home Page:
www.jgui.net/exsms/ A special EXSMS Adv. (Advanced) version is available.
This version has the encryption built-in.
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EXSMS - supported devices

  • Windows Mobile Smartphone

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